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A decentralised check-in system for meetings and events

Easily and quickly informed

Quick warnings are crucial for contact tracing to work effectively. In case of a risked exposure, visitors can only act quickly if they are notified fast. We therefore need a system that functions easily regardless of the amount of case numbers.

Checking in without sharing data

Based on CrowdNotifier, a protocol developed by team members of the DP3T consortium, NotifyMe offers a new approach for so called venue check-ins. It is a decentralised system with the main purpose to notify visitors, while protecting users' privacy and preventing abusive use of the data in the system.

The Advantages

Decentralised and Privacy Preserving

The centralisation of visitors' registration data has raised many privacy concerns. NotifyMe reverses this principle. Only an encrypted ID is saved locally on visitors' smartphones. This makes centralised data storage unnecessary.

A scalable system

It is challenging to notify potential infected people quickly, especially in the case of more extensive gatherings. With the app, notifications can be generated easily. As a result, larger groups of visitors can effectively be informed upon a notified infection.

How it works for visitors


Scan QR-Code

Upon arrival, scan the QR Code that has been placed on-site. Now you're checked in!

An encrypted ID is saved locally

During check-in, only an encrypted ID will be saved locally on your phone.

No personal data

There is no need to enter any personal data like name, address or telephone number. No GPS localisation is used.

No centralised data storage

Your list of check-ins remains on your smartphone and is not transferred to any central server. After 14 days, the data is deleted automatically.

Local Diary

An overview of your check-ins can be shown in the diary section of the app for 14 days as well. You can hide these entries at any given moment without missing the reports. Your diary is password-protected.


Easily informed in case of an incident

In case one of the visitors tests positive subsequent to a gathering, all other participants can be easily informed via the app.

The decryption key is published

The venue decryption key with the relevant timespan is published on a server.

Your app checks the published keys

The app regularly downloads the list of published decryption keys and checks if there are matches with the encrypted ID's and their respective time-spans on your phone.

Notifications upon matches

In case a match is identified between the published decryption keys and the encrypted ID's on your phone, you get notified by the app.

How it works: for venue owners

Generate check-in codes

As the organizer of an event you can use a web app to generate check-in codes for your guests. These QR codes can be printed out or displayed on a screen. These codes are valid for one week during the pilot phase of the application. After that they should be renewed.

Private code for notifications

With the second private QR code you can inform your visitors in case an infection has been reported. All you need to do is scan the private QR code and add the relevant time information.

Notification without contact details

NotifyMe doesn't collect contact details and doesn't replace lists of attendees. For events where list of attendees are mandatory, the app can still support the contact tracing process with its fast notifications system.

How it works: for Contact Tracer

Notify attendees

NotifyMe enables you to easily alert participants within specific infection clusters of events. Contact the organiser, they have the Private QR code which can be used to notify all participants.

Diary as a memory aid

Containing all visited events of the last 14 days, the diary supports the contact tracing process by helping you to reconstruct activities of an index person with the consent of that person in question.

Coming Soon: Help with the detection of infection clusters

The goal is to implement a privacy-preserving system where users can voluntarily enter their diary data. This data can help to localize high risk events and detect infection clusters. Once detected, the system informs concerned cantonal doctors who can send notifications or search for further information in case of a known index case. This information is intended to achieve maximum benefit without interfering with your contact tracing work.

The App

NotifyMe is an open source project. Check out our source code on Github.



Voluntary Local Diary




Voluntary Local Diary